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March Visitors!!! See our new videos!!

Breaking news! Hedgehogs are out of hibernation and are all wandering outside again looking for food. Click here to see more of our cute videos in the last week. Now that they are out, it means we can do our bit and feed them and ensure their safety. You can help at the moment by setting up a feeding station! 

We are Anna and Tom – we live on the same road and go to the same school and we absolutely love hedgehogs as they are so amazing and super sweet (and cute). Hedgehogs are in danger though – they are really struggling. There were 30 million in the UK in the 1950s and now there are only 1 million.
Whilst hedgehogs no longer thrive in the countryside, we think that there are lots of hedgehogs in our area of North London which we can help. To help hedgehogs, we have done many things including feeding hedgehogs in our gardens (you can see film clips here!),  holding cake sales to raise money for them, rescuing hedgehogs AND giving assemblies in school about them.

In this website we have written what to do if you find a hedgehog, how to help hedgehogs and the story of our first rescue; the story of Gizmo. If you are a hedgehog lover then this will really catch your eye. Well, everyone has a bit of hedgehog spirit in them don’t they?

If you live in our area and want to set up a feeding station and have got further questions - just email us.